Needlework Tool Collectors 2020 CONFERENCE


       Melbourne, Australia, 17th - 18th OCTOBER 2020
                       The 16th Biennial CONFERENCE
                       Hotel - The View Melbourne
                       Theme - NEEDLES and THREADS
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      Conference activities include:
      Karen and Brendon Kirk – Aspects of Sampler Design and Stitching
  [see for more information]
      Karen Kearney – Coats and Clark, the Great Thread Making Firms in Paisley
      Susan Webster – Early Knitting Needle Packaging
      Laura Jocic – Drapers to Department Stores
      Kerry Easton – Baxter Needlebox Prints
                                                                    After Dinner Speaker: Doug Gale – Antique Hunting in UK
                                                                  Original research by our UK member, Molly Pearce, will be presented:
                                                                        The Development of Sewing Cotton in Britain 1798-1862

Other events
: Our speakers are only a part of the conference. Raffles (see below), Sales Mall, Popularity Contest – all attendees are invited to submit your favourite needlebook. Voting is by gold coin. Also the ever popular Guessing Competition – attendees will be invited to guess the number of threads and reels in a jar.

ATTENDANCE is by Conference TICKET only

Raffle pic
Raffle pic

The 2020 Conference Major RAFFLE PRIZE is:
An Antique French Etui Sewing Set Boxed Sterling Silver c.1900 (left)
It includes:  A pair of scissors, a needle case, a stiletto and a thimble.
The tools are French-solid silver and are hallmarked boar's head and maker’s mark and are all in very good condition. The thimble is in perfect round and is gilt inside.
The thimble has two marks on the rim – boar’s head for French solid silver and a maker’s mark.
The needle case has two marks- the boar’s head and the maker’s mark on the lower part. The lid is unmarked. The scissors are marked with the boar’s head and maker’s mark.
The stiletto also has both marks, one on either side of the handle.
The tools are in their original and beautiful box from J Simon, Bijoutier, St Chamond
please return ticket stubs & money to The Treasurer. Address details are printed on the tickets.

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