Needlework Tool Collectors 2021 CONFERENCE

Due to meeting restrictions caused by COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2021 Conference has been postponed

Details to be announced soon

If you already have a Trading Table Booking, contact the Treasurer.


                       The 16th Biennial CONFERENCE
                       Hotel -   
                       Theme -  
       The new Information Form will be available soon
       Ditto for the Registration form
      Conference activities include:

Other events
: Our speakers are only a part of the conference. Raffles (see below), Sales Mall, Popularity Contest – all attendees are invited to submit your favourite needlebook. Voting is by gold coin. Also the ever popular Guessing Competition – attendees will be invited to guess the number of threads and reels in a jar.

ATTENDANCE is by Conference TICKET only

Raffle pic
Raffle pic

                                If you'd like to know more about previous Conference (and the fun) go to our HISTORY page
                                         Conference updates are also at or on our BLOG