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Needlework Tool Collectors will be sharing photos of their collections on our Blog. There's also a link in the Menu above.


If Members would like to have their own photos published, you can contact our Webmaster. Or, if you have printed photos, you can send these to her through the post. She will scan them, upload the files, and return the originals to you. (Include a self-addressed stamped envelope to make sure you get your originals back quickly.)


webmaster (at)


NOTE – our group works hard to avoid spammers and phishers, so our email address in the paragraph above has to be re-typed by you in your email software. Make sure you substitute @ for the (at) and spaces that we show here. This way of publishing our email address means it cannot be picked up by automatic search software – but it also means you have to translate (at) as @ with no spaces when you send us an email.